Download ChronoLog (v. 2.1, released April 2, 2023; 4.7 Mb). User manual. Chrome users: please right-click on the downlad link and choose “Save link as”.

ChronoLog is a Java application (JAR file), and hence requires a running Java installation.  Java can be downloaded from the following address: Note that some browsers block the download of .jar files. This issue can be resolved by adjusting the browser’s security settings.

Case studies: (ChronoLog files, right-click + “Save target as” to download)

Version history:

  • ChronoLog 2.1 (released April 2, 2023; user manual). New features:
    • Improved trace reporting
    • Faster consistency check algorithm
    • Faster tightening algorithm
    • Witholding tightening in “inputs only” view mode
    • Witholding tightening of durations in “no durations” view mode
  • ChronoLog 2.0 (released August 8, 2022; user manual). New features:
    • Improved graphical user interface
    • New synchronisms: “parent of” and “child of”
    • Improved navigability
    • Direct search for sequences (“View” menu)
    • Chronological table panel (“Window” menu)
  • ChronoLog 1.2.0 (released November 2, 2021; user manual). New features:
    • Import and export model data as CSV (sequences and syncs)
    • Export single sequences to OxCal (in addition to complete models)
    • Improved textual display of traces
    • Graphical display of traces (for date traces only)
    • Improved navigability (drag & drop sequences beyond visible area, automatic extension of panel size, moving the panel by dragging the background, …)
    • Faster opening of large models
    • Zoom in/zoom out
    • New types of synchronisms: “start within”, “end within”, “equal within”.
  • ChronoLog 1.1 (released May 18, 2021). New features: export to OxCal, save synchronisms as polylines.
  • ChronoLog 1.0 (released August 27, 2020). Initial version.